Trends that last beyond the phase

A lot of time, money and endless hours can be spent in building and renovating your dream home. Choosing a style for your kitchen or bathroom that isn’t going to out date in a year or two! Italia Ceramics have given some tips on how to choose trends wisely for your next project.

1. If unsure about colour
When choosing colour for your kitchen or bathroom, it is important to reflect on how certain colours make you feel and how it can influence the ambience of your humble abode. Keeping with a neutral colour scheme allows your interior homewares be the centre stage of your home.

2. Simple minimalist classic styles
With minimalist on trend, remember that less is more! Interior design is an aesthetically beautiful for making the overall statement in any space of the home. Keep your design fresh and simple with minimal appliances, accessories and furniture that is only necessary to be displayed.

3. Balance New and Old
When it comes to building or renovating your home finding the balance between timeless and the latest trends can be challenging. Before draping the walls in vibrant floral prints, consider what trends have the most staying power. Our experience interior designers at Italia Ceramics can provide you recommendations for not only your tiles, but from fabric colours for curtains and furniture, paint, trimmings, rugs and other styling element for choosing a style that will not only last a lifetime, but suit your lifestyle.