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Radiation-Free Building

In modern life there has been a rapid rise in electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This radiation pollution can have adverse biological effects on humans and animals. Examples of the penetrating EMFs in a building environment include; mobile phone towers, smart meters, radar, power lines, wireless technology and electrical wiring.

A building can be designed and built to reduce the unwanted EMFs so as to protect the health of its occupants. The problem is that most builders are not aware on how to reduce the levels of EMFs in the houses they build.

As the Geovital consultant for South Australia, I wanted a builder who would be receptive to our needs to build a house with low EMFs readings. Heading Constructions has been willing to implement our building improvements and in the process Richard has gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience on EMF mitigation. Geovital is an Austrian based natural health clinic that specialised in environmental medicine. With over 35 years experience in assisting patients and public through EMF radiation assessments and protection solutions, they are fast becoming the authority on domestic radiation protection globally.

For our new house we will shield against EMF radiation from nearby mobile phone towers and eliminate the electrical burden in the bedrooms using special circuit cut-off switches. It is important to keep the electronic pollution as low as possible in the bedroom to allow our bodies to regenerate and detoxify whilst we sleep. Our goal is to build a healthy house that is future safe.

Tim Sawyer

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